About Pip Squeak

Pip Squeak, a term to refer to a diminutive child – and the name of my son’s pet mouse – is a selective shop of children’s gifts, toys, crafts and English books from around the world.


This section is just a small representation of products sold at Pip Squeak. There is an ongoing effort to bring new and exciting products to the shop from small independent producers, not easily found on the Swiss market. Age group: 0-12.



Pip Squeak sells exclusively English books, which cover a wide variety of subjects. Not only is there a selective range of classic storybooks and best new publications available, but educational subjects as well as a large selection of early literacy and math workbooks appealing to different age groups are also obtainable.  Age group: 0-14



There is a small indoor seating area in the shop as well as tables outside during the warmer months. All beverages are available for takeaway. The coffee is supplied by Vertical Coffee Roasters, Zürich. Bought and roasted by the company, the beans come directly from farms and coffee cooperatives.


Cold drinks like the original Gazosa from the Ticine are on offer along with traditional beverages. 


TWG Tea is a luxury brand of teas from Singapore. Tea varieties: Earl Grey, Moroccan Mint, Green Tea, Vanilla Bourbon, Moonfruit Black Tea


Our hot chocolate is made with Amedei chocolate produced in the Tuscany region of Italy.

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