Bath Balm - Frida Kahlo Women of Change
Bath Balm - Frida Kahlo Women of Change

Bath Balm - Frida Kahlo Women of Change

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Frida Kahlo is the most important Mexican painter of all time. She showed great perseverance for achieving her dreams despite all the adversities she faced. Frida was able to redefine her life through her art. Her iconic existence, unique expression and extraordinary artwork have provided humanity with continuing optimism, strength and courage for the future. She left behind a legacy that will forever impact and influence the world regardless of age, gender, nationality, and ethnicity.

  • Ingredients:¬†¬†Bicarbonate, Citric Acid,¬†Natural¬†Grapeseed Oil,¬†Bergamot¬†Essential Oil,¬†Fragrance oil,¬†and¬†Coloreze
  • Surprise¬†-¬†Magnet¬†inside
  • One Time Use

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