CarPet - Retro Green
CarPet - Retro Green
CarPet - Retro Green
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CarPet - Retro Green

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Completely handmade and a one of a kind registered playmat.

  • On the inside fabric with a street intersection pattern (which include beautifully detailed roads, houses and even little cars).
  • On the other side a funky colorful fabric.
  • The little cars that come with the playmat have cute little smiling faces.
  • Contains 3 cars¬†.
  • The material is Oeko-Tex jersey¬†fabric.
  • The print¬†is light blue with firemen theme.
  • 14 cm x 7 cm x 4,5 cm. When it is folded open it is 28 cm x 32 cm.

Warning* The rubber of the wheels aren't glued to the wheels because glue contains ingredients that can harm children. Do not let babies or toddles play with the cars without adult supervision.

Whenever you want you can undo 1 of the 2 stitches in between the holders to put a bigger car in it!

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