KaBlocks Blast
KaBlocks Blast
KaBlocks Blast

KaBlocks Blast

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The Build and Blast Construction Set

Children build fun structures on the elevated building platform using the included soft foam blocks. When they are ready, they jump on the air-powered stomp pad to blast the blocks into the air.

  • Toys that Teach: One of the best parts of building for preschoolers is knocking down what they create. With KaBlocks, children can do more than just knock down a structure- they can blow them up!
  • Build Basic Skills: Building and blasting is easy and awesome with KaBlocks! Start by showing the components to your child. This provides a great opportunity to help your child learn shapes, compare sizes, and fit pieces together.
  • Learn Through Play: The soft foam blocks in an array of shapes, sizes and colors, are easy to stack into tall, teetering towers on the special building platform. Your child will learn the basics of physics while developing their large motor skills.
  • Early Learning: When it comes to building blocks for kids, parents know: what goes up, must come down! Experiment with your child by building with more or less blocks. How does the size of the build change how high the blocks launch?
  • Includes: 30 foam blocks, 2 launch blocks, building platform, launch pad and instructions (for ages 3 and up)
  • 3+ years

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